Vagrant : drupal7-memcache recipe not found

After the upgrade that we did in our chef server the recipe drupal7-memcache is bringing some issues when you try to provision a new machine. The problem is that the recipe can’t be found by chef, it’s happening in all our Drupal machines.

In order to make the recipe available in your host for the vagrant box you’ll need to check the metadata.rb file into the chef recipes.

Look for the drupal-XXXX recipes and check that drupal7-memcache is present, if not, add it at the end of the list.

depends          ‘drupal7-memcached’

After that run the command berks update in the directory where your Vagrantfile is (for us the root of the repository), that will update all the berkshelf recipes and will fetch the latest drupal7-memcache for that box.

That’s it.

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