Python Meetup

On past Friday we were invited to a Python Meetup in Cafe Martinez.

Manuel Kaufman gave a very interesting talk about Open Street Map and how he is using it in his blog ( for his project “Argentina in Python“.

Also we spoke about several technologies in general, we spoke about Bower Vs NPM, Yeoman, Angular, Polymer (a lot of Javascript for a python meetup :P). We spoke about Vagrant and Docker and many more tech stuffs.

We also spoke about communities and the importance of the communities, we discuss about some strategies to empower local groups, will see if we can do it !

Congratulations to the organizers, we had a great time and we hope to see more meetups after Manuel is gone, we need more of this geeks events.

PS : Remember that on Feb 14 we have a Python Day in Formosa, looking forward to see you all there

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