How do we hire ?

In 42mate we don’t trust in CVs as the only way to know a person.

We are a company of developers for developers by developers, we love to be working with crazy and proud developers, we love to have technical discussions and keep an state of regular learning and discovery in our company.

Good developers don’t write CVs, they write good code, In order to write good code you have to write and read a lot code, you ain’t going to learn to code in 24hs, it takes time and practice, that is why you have to start now !.

The good side of coding is that you don’t need anything to start besides a just a computer, an editor and an interpreter (or compiler), that’s why we think that if you want to be a developer you don’t need a job to start, you don’t need to go to the university to start, you don’t need money, you don’t need anything, just the will to learn, time and patience.

If you are a developer you will probably have figured this out by yourself and you’ll be working with Github, or any other forge. If you have any type of code on the internet we want to see your code, not your CVs. Show to us how do you code, bad or good doesn’t mater, don’t be shy, we want to see what do you do, we want to see that you have ideas, that you can learn alone, that you can and love solve problems and that you have hungry to be the best.

That’s why we will prefer a pull request instead a CV in our Inbox.

If you want to work with us browse into our repos and help us to develop our open source products sending pull requests, if you show us that you can be a developer we will call you to work with us.

Want to know how to contribute?, here is a start

Want to learn more about why?, read this ( in Spanish.

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