DrupalCamp LA 2017 Smackdown talks recap

Hello there web people, what follows is a quick recap of some tools, tips and tricks that were showcased last week in the DrupalCamp LA Smackdown Stravaganza talks, enjoy!

Drupal specific

  • Symfony VarDumper: modern replacement for var_dump. Extra points because it works in Twig.
  • Devel module: now includes Symfony’s profiler tool
  • Gasmask: simple hosts file manager for OSX
  • Drutiny: blackbox auditing tool for Drupal 7 and 8
  • Docksal: Docker based local development environment for LAMP projects. Supports Drupal 7, 8, Magento and WordPress out of the box
  • Stage File Proxy: and old friend of the house, this module allows you to proxy you local environment’s assets requests to public servers so you don’t need to download all your assets while provisioning. Great time saver.

Webdev in general

  • Chrome Lighthouse: automated tool to test performance and correcteness. Like YSlow but from Google and for 2017 😀
  • BBC’s Wraith: visual comparison tool to test changes on websites, full with lots of features.

Command Line

  • ASCIInema: record and share terminal sessions with no fuzz
  • ngrok.io: allows you to expose any local port to the Internet bypassing any firewall restrictions for easy sharing with clients or colleagues.



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